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Please familiarize yourself with the SAFEblog articles directed toward increased aviation educator professionalism and browse through the articles on the right. Our basic observation is that FAA preparation for CFI provides only a "minimum viable product" for certification. It is incumbent upon experienced educators to mentor and improve the professionalism of aviation educators [SAFE Mission] The CFI-PRO workshop is our best people sharing best practices in aviation education. Master Instructors (and National CFIs of the Year) Rich Stowell, Doug Stewart and Hobie Tomlinson will be presenting!

SAFE CFI-PRO Resources

SAFE has amazing pilot resources available to the public. The focus of this workshop is increasing educator professionalism. Here are a few exceptional tools for educators:

More information and resources coming soon!

What are the "Extended Envelope Training" anyway? This is a series of maneuvers designed to build skills and knowledge beyond the FAA minimums required for pilot certification. Extended Envelope Training requires flying outside the usual 11% "comfort zone" where most pilots spend their time. Extended Envelope Training is now required for professional pilots to combat LOC-I. A pilot without a margin of safety or surplus of proficiency is vulnerable to upset when forced out of their familiar "comfort zone." Loss of Control Inflight occurs when weather, ATC or some form of surprise (mechanical or personal), forces a pilot out of their usual safe bubble; they panic and lose control of their aircraft. Extended envelope maneuvers are exciting and fun and are useful both within a syllabus of training for a certificate, or be applied later as an inoculation against LOC-I (with an experienced pilot during a flight review?) These have been explored in the weekly SAFEblog but are catalogued here for reference.

Extended Envelope Maneuvers Word Doc Here

1) Yaw canceling practice maneuvers: Initial training and pattern coordination

2) Exercises at altitude to teach basic rudder

3) Coordination (especially climbing turns) in the pattern

4) Perfect patterns "coordinate or die"

4) How to empower your pilot-in-training and build PIC authority with "Incremental Mastery"

5) Creating confidence and motivation with a "Half Solo"

6) The basic physics of AOA and stalls: aerodynamics 101

7) These are the accelerated stalls that *should* be in the commercial ACS; "secondary stalls"

8) Steep Turn Reversals: start with 720s then 360/180 and finally 60 degrees bank reverse after 90 degrees turn :)

9) Teaching landings: "Centerline Slow Flight"

10) Teaching crosswind landings at altitude: "Horizon Sliding" and "Rudder Boxing"

11) Skill building for rated pilots (extended flight review) Steep Turn Reversals and Triple A Stalls

12) Turning stalls and full slip stalls: "Cross-Coordination"

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