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​Suggested Reading

Please familiarize yourself with the SAFEblog articles directed toward increased aviation educator professionalism​ and browse through the articles on the right. Our basic observation is that FAA preparation for CFI provides only a "minimum viable product" for certification. It is incumbent upon experienced educators to mentor and improve the professionalism of aviation educators [SAFE Mission] The CFI-PRO workshop is our best people sharing best practices in aviation education. ​Master Instructors (and National CFIs of the Year) Rich Stowell, Doug Stewart and Hobie Tomlinson will be presenting!

SAFE CFI-PRO Resources

SAFE has​ amazing pilot resources available to the public. The focus of this workshop is increasing educator professionalism. ​ Here are a few exceptional tools for educators:

More information and resources coming soon!

What ​are the "Extended Envelope ​Training" anyway​? This is a​ series of maneuvers designed to build skills and knowledge beyond the FAA minimums required​ for pilot certification. ​Extended Envelope ​T​raining requires fl​ying outside the usual ​11% "comfort zone" ​​where most pilots spend their time. ​Extended Envelope ​Training is now required for professional pilots​ to combat LOC-I. ​A pilot without a margin of safety o​r surplus of proficiency is vulnerable to upset when forced out of their familiar "comfort z​one." ​Loss of Control Inflight occurs when weather, ATC or some form of ​surprise (mechanical or personal), ​forces ​a pilot out of their usual safe bubble; t​hey panic and lose control of their aircraft. Extended envelope maneuvers are exciting and fun and ​are useful both within ​a syllabus of training for a certificate, or be applied later as an inoculation against LOC-I ​(with an experienced pilot during a flight review​?) The​se have been ​explored in the weekly SAFEblog but are catalogued here for reference. First hack at Extended Envelope Maneuvers:

​1) Yaw canceling practice maneuvers​: Initial training and pattern coordination

​2) Exercises at altitude to teach basic rudder

3) Coordination (especially climbing turns) in the pattern

4) Perfect patterns "coordinate or die"

​4) How to empower your ​pilot-in-training and build PIC authority with "Incremental Mastery"

​5) Creating confidence and motivation with a "Half Solo"

6) The basic physics of AOA and stalls: aerodynamics 101

​7) ​These are the accelerated stalls that *should* be in the commercial ACS​; "secondary stalls"

8) Steep Turn Reversals: start with 720s then 360/1​80 and finally 60 degrees bank reverse after 90 degrees turn :)

​9) Teaching landings: "Centerline​ Slow ​Flight"

​10) Teaching crosswind landings at altitude: "Horizon Sliding" and "Rudder Boxing"

​1​1) Skill building for rated pilots (extended flight review) Steep Turn Reversals and Triple A Stalls

​1​​2) Turning stalls and full slip stalls: "Cross-Coordination"

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