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There's something for every aviation educator at our CFI-PRO™ clinic

The target audience for SAFE CFI-PRO™ is newer aviation educators seeking to accelerate their knowledge and skill acquisition. We realize many of the skills taught to pass the FAA CFI practical test are not the tools of actual effective instructors. Our staff of DPEs and Master Instructors have taught CFIs for years and know "the rest of the story" for eager learners. If your school is looking to raise the bar on professionalism, contact SAFE and arrange an in person or virtual session. Even if you have been a CFI forever, this clinic will invigorate you and provide new ideas and excitement to fire up your passion for education with new ideas and techniques. And senior chief instructors who participate will get a Extended Envelope Curriculum to standardize their future pilot professionals.

We offer two amazing days of classes, seminars, and networking from the industry’s best educators There will be a keynote dinner Wednesday to meet our team and network with your peers.
We are specifically targeting the “persistent problem” of LOC-I in general aviation. The solution is to drill down and improve fundamental skills and encourage our clients to practice out of their “comfort zone.” (SAFE resources)

The curriculum includes a syllabus of "Extended Envelope Maneuvers" from respected and award-winning instructors to rebuild skills and set a new standard of competence in our aviation community. These adapt concepts and best practices from upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT) programs for use in normal and utility category aircraft. This approach allows instructors to lay a solid foundation for UPRT that is scalable to every flight school with trained CFI-PRO™ instructors.